301 and 302 Redirections which may wonder your results back
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301 and 302 Redirections which may wonder your results back

30 Jun 301 and 302 Redirections which may wonder your results back


Redirect is sending search engines and users to a different url from the url they requested by the server.In simple terms, Redirection is the process of forwarding web page from one url to another url automatically under some situations. There are different kinds of redirection among them 301 and 302 redirection are  in top SEO trends in 2017. Here you may getting enlisted along with our SEO Company in India for global exposure.

301 Permanently Moved Redirection

   301 Redirection takes places in an absolute manner.

302 Found (HTTP 1.1) Redirection

302 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.0) Redirection

307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 Redirection

Meta Refresh but has the poor usability.

In  this blog let’s see about various changes in these redirections :

In feb 25, 2013 Matt cutts,one of the expert in  google webmasters had explained in a video about the loss of pagerank while using 30X(301,302 and 307)redirection. In that video,he had told the pagerank will gets divided to redirected page from current page and use of 30X redirect will also cause 10 to 15% loss in the pagerank.this had been caused many web developers to omit the any redirection  in order to  save their page ranks.Over Many years,web developers had the confusion that use of 30X redirection will kill their pagerank.

In feb 2016 john muller,google webmaster announced that there was no loss in page rank for 301 and 302 redirection from HTTP to HTTPS.This has made web developers to use https instead of http. For better result you may consider with the best Digital Marketing company in Chennai near by you without any rank loss or changes.

Recently gary illyes, google webmaster  had told that there is no loss in pagerank for 3xx(300) redirections and they all pass the page rank.

When to Use?

301 Redirection is used to move the old pages to new pages without losing any SEO. It will be helpful for updation of the websites. It will tell the search engines that old page has been changes to new page. 301 has been used to signify to the web crawler that content has been changed permanently. It will retains our pagerank.

302 redirection is used to signify to the web crawlers that the content is just  offline.It is mainly used in e-commerce sites to show whether the product is in stock or out of stock.It will tell web crawlers to continually index the old ones.one disadvantage is duplicate of pages i.e old and new pages have same data.

Even Redirection doesn’t cause any loss in page rank,It has it’s own risk in SEO.Best Practice is avoiding chains with multiple redirections and  unnecessary redirections .

Hope you may understand with the concepts I have furnished above. So it will be beneficial for you  by implementing with the real time process. Are you waiting for a long to get ranking? It’s the time to join with our Digital Marketing company in Chennai. And let me know your thoughts and suggestions via comments. Have a great business.