4 Effective ways to Reduce Bounce Rate for getting Retained Users
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4 Effective ways to Reduce Bounce Rate for getting Retained Users

13 May 4 Effective ways to Reduce Bounce Rate for getting Retained Users

4 Effective ways to Reduce Bounce Rate for getting Retained Users

Hope you are doing well. You might came across my content regarding various content marketing. Here i am gonna discuss with the major problem which is faced by every online marketer. Better you may find with our SEO Company in Chennai for most attractive online marketing experience.

Actually you had invested lots of money and as well as time too for creating a great website. You may be generate plenty of traffic towards you.

But the fact is whether they are sticking towards you or not is an questionnaire section for every business success.

If you are thinking about  your retained customers and new visitors this could be a pretty idea to get recovered

Actually bounce rate will be a trigger for any site. There is a pretty difference between Bounce and Pogo Sticking. Even Bounce will occur at two stages like whether *they can find their answers at instant time else *they don’t want to pay attention with you due to irrelevance.

2nd part will be the major issue. So hereby we are going to discuss and make a try a chance to get recover.

#Target The Right Audience

First of all you want to make sure with that you are targeting for the right audience to increase your business visibility.

Because if the wrong people are coming to your site they will likely bounce. So hereby this can be recovered by making changes with the website itself.

Target Customers

This could be involved by following with the tips like

1.Using with the Right Keywords for attracting Ideal Customers

2.Leverage about the Negative Keywords (which doesn’t you are providing or having)

3.Creating Powerful and Relevant Meta Description and Meta Title to attract the audience (CTA)

4.Creating multiple ad versions and focus with the Unique content for different audiences

#Enhancing User Experience and Usability

After making with the initial stage of targeting with the right audience the next strategy could be optimizing the website to which is most responsive.

This could involve with user friendliness which involves

1.Layouts which quickly or easy navigation

2.Making Content as more organized and much readable

3.Enable with Search facilities

4.Utilizing responsive design for getting optimal user experience

5.Speed performance of your page

#Google AMP

You can accomplish all of these objectives by enabling with the Google AMP . It allows you to create mobile optimized site which can load at instantly across variable accessories

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Please make note that AMP delivers and target for the best Mobile Experience to users


One of the most important factor to make visitor to get stick around you

And as we discussed so many times regarding content optimization and also tricks too. You have to provide the best reason to stay back with you by providing the quality and better and engaging content.

Content Management

Key factors which could involve to create a great content includes

1.Clever and Best Compelling Message

2.Proper and much Readable format (Heading, Subheading, Stanzas, etc.,)

3.Optimised image placements

4.Clear Call To Action words


All of this changes could help you much to get succeed in Online Marketing. And let’s discuss about your thoughts and views regarding making a website more actionable. for instant results for your online campaign you may choose from us Iperidigi – Best SEO Company in Chennai


Resource : Alpha Pages SEO Education

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