5 Secret Pagespeed Techniques
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5 Secret Pagespeed Techniques which everyone should know especially SEO developers

03 Jun 5 Secret Pagespeed Techniques which everyone should know especially SEO developers


Actually the main reason behind the bounce rate will be the reason of load time. Yes of course will you invest your time and interests with the low quality which takes more time.

Users won’t pay attention unless your page speed is optimistic at their comfort timing

Forgetting more visitors into valuable customers you need to have an optimized sites. For that purpose only we remain here by serving as Digital Marketing Company in India.

While  analyzing the low speed of an page may be involved as by the following reasons,

  • Moreover 75% of mobile users encountered with the problem of low speed
  • 43% people says that they are facing some internal errors within the website
  • Upto 60% of people will abandon the site which takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Recent survey states that even 1 second delay can result in 10% reduction in conversions

Okay from overall we can analyse the problem of speed

Thus you are at the right path which can optimize to get more retained users with us.

So we can customize our website by doing the following work

  • Image Optimization
  • Javascripts
  • Inefficient CSS
  • Google AMP
  • Server Speed and CDN’s

Let start our discussion one by one here

# Image Optimization

One of the main thing you have to analyze with the Image Compression i mean image sizes.

If your website images are not optimized properly means it could be the reason of low speed. Because full sized images will consumes ton of bandwidth.

One of the tips to customize your all PNG images into JPEG. Thus you can able to save 70%.

# Javascripts

As many web developers believe that the Javascript is an main functionality. But while we are discussing with the Mobile world it turns out the opposite is the actual truth.

Javascript libraries can add much familiar functionalities for a site. At the same time it can cause bloat and slow down the speed too.

Better you can remove the unwanted animations and functionalities within your website


Actually bulk CSS code or inefficient code may be the hurdle for site speed.

You may be added with extra libraries. Unfortunately all CSS and libraries were slow down the performance.

By cleaning with CSS you could still maintain style which can improve speed.

# Google AMP

Actually you may know the accomplish with the AMP after releasing with the Mobilegeddon. By optimizing with AMP you can improve load time and also enhance mobile performance.

# Server Speed and CDN’s

Almost last option could be based on with the Hardware optimization.

This could help you more even up to 200% times loads faster but it consumes little bit risky

Actually CDN shortens distance between your locality and your browser. As there are packaged solutions for servers and CDN’s which scale your site.


Thus you may understood what i tried to expose here. Hope it may be useful for you and let me know along comment your thoughts and suggestions. And if you are looking for the better results you can choose from our Digital Marketing Company in India.

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