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7 Prettiest Thing which may boost your Ranking as like a Shine

19 Apr 7 Prettiest Thing which may boost your Ranking as like a Shine

boost your Ranking

Hi all!!! Hope you are doing well. I think this guidance will take you to travel along with Tips to be followed for On Page.

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Okay let’s start our discussion hereby right

# Adding Text Content for Blog Posts

As we know how an infographics gain the user’s attention with the particular posts. Yes i agree within that an easy and brief content will be the better medium of knowledge transferring.

But the fact is that Search Engine can’t read those content.

So my advise is to apply with more text with the posts. This will leads to understand with what about your posts or content.

# Actionable Content

I hope you may know the importance behind the valuable content.

If we want to get more engage with our posts, it is mandatory by having with the perfect and valuable content.

# Keyword Frequency

Previously we stood under beware of Keyword Density. Yes of course Google will predict the results based on the Keywords.

Don’t bother about how many times you are focusing with your keywords in a piece of keywords.

Here you are generally advised to quench your desired keywords in a proper frequency.

# Make your Sharing Buttons as much visible

Even you had pursued with the perfect content they will share if it is much comfortable i.e much visible in easier.

Okay have you got it what i am trying to tell?

For example put the social sharing buttons at the top left corner of your posts.

# Brand Name

This will be used along with by optimizing your homepage for the reason of conversion rates.

Simply we can tells this, Search Engine won’t take much responsible by providing along with your homepage alone.

# Relaunch Old Content

This will includes and also for the purpose of increasing the Organic Traffic.

Initially i am also thinking how it could get some results even from the old posts. But i tried it and also from more recent case studies i understood that it will work.

I think you may understood from my previous posts about Relaunching the low performing content.

# Internal Linking

I think this may be much familiar for you people for ranking higher.

It is simple but values a lot.

Simply link from the High Authority sites to the particular page you want to rank.


Well i had transferred some information which is throughout my knowledge. Okay let me know your opinions via comments. Thank you!!!

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