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Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 That help Your business to Grow

30 Jun Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 That help Your business to Grow

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As we know the digital marketing has been growing and growing. Even it will change its behavior overnight. The concept is whether we are ready and updated with that knowledge or not.

Each and every technology that is introduced is being constantly changed and updated.In this article, I explain few digital marketing trends which I have analyzed that are going to be on trend for 2017. Here you may be getting enlisted along with our SEO Company in India for global exposure.

1.Content Marketing

Nowadays 80% of shopping goes in online.customers rarely visit the stores if so they had done full research about the product on the Internet. Marketing approach using today is entirely different from the traditional marketing i.e Marketing strategies followed for the past decades. Forget about the traditional marketing which focuses only on your brand name.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that helps you to create a valuable, relevant content that attracts and encourages customers to buy your product and also raise your brand name. Today many top software companies like Microsoft, Cisco system use content marketing to sell their products.

Strategies followed in content marketing:        

  • Creating blogs, videos with good and attractive content.
  • Advertising your product in social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin…etc
  • Infographics had grabbed large attention from the customers.
  • Executing Interviews form the customers about the quality of the product and their faults.

2. Live video

   The Year 2016 has been dominated by live videos. Introduction of live videos in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram. It has grabbed the attention of all companies. It demonstrated the importance of video marketing.It has become a new way to connect with the users. People are Interest in watching live streams whenever they visit social medias.    

3. Big data

   Name itself says it’s a large volume of data.big data has been categorizing into

  • Volume-Amount of data
  • Velocity-Rate at which data has been stored and retrieved.
  • Variety-Different types of structured and unstructured data.
  • Value- Intrinsic value that is to be discovered.

Introduction Of Apache Hadoop a free java based frame. It is easy to store a large amount of data and maintain effectively.This has made the growth of big data analytics further. Big data analytics is used to take a decision in marketing strategies.

4.Mobile Development

   In May 2015 Google had announced mobile search requests are greater than desktop search requests.Google has taken an initiative called AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) to build web pages mobile friendly and created a standard to build web page for the mobile devices.

AMP loads four times faster than normal web pages and it also uses fewer data.On Feb 2016 amp launched in search results. Google has made its searches with mobile index first.

Due to the increase in the usage of the phone, it is necessary to adopt web pages into mobile-first strategies and make your website much attractive to the mobile users.

5.Internet of things (IOT) application:

“Internet of things “ is embedding electronics, sensors, network connectivity, etc, into the things that make them capable of exchanging the data across the network

Wearables like Apple watches and Fitbit watches are the examples of Internet on things applications.Through Apple watches, we can able to chat, call, browse, etc, Fitbit watches are useful for athletes that they can show how many calories they had burned, sleep quality…etc


Hope you may understand the concepts here i furnished above. So it will be beneficial among by implementing with the realtime process. And let me know your thoughts and suggestions via comments. Have a great business. Last but not least if you are looking for the best and customer interaction through your business can utilize through our Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.