How to fix crawl errors in Google Webmaster Setup in Ease
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How to fix crawl errors in Google Webmaster Setup in Ease

03 Jul How to fix crawl errors in Google Webmaster Setup in Ease

Fix crawl errors in Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster tools had introduced crawl errors which is one of the significant tools for the website and trying to enhance it features more and more.It also provides more data and supports SEO. Crawl Errors are able to detect and report different types of reports. If you are searching for the best Digital Marketing in Chennai who stays for a while, you might choose with us.

Generally Errors are classified in two types, Site errors and url errors.

Site errors

Errors that affect the whole site,didn’t specific to any url pages.These are high level errors that are affects our site much.These errors are shown upto 90 days in crawl error errors have been classified into three different types.

i.DNS Errors

It happens when there is a problem in DNS issues in googlebot and it can’t  able  to connect with the domain.It makes users to unable to surf your sites.

How to Fix?

    • Google introduces  “Fetch as Google” tool to view how crawling takes place in  googlebots.It shows google point of view of your website as a user.
    • DNS Provider should be test regularly whether google can fetch your page and if don’t take further action.
    • Always make your site to show 404(page not found) and 500(Error Page) which  is much better than DNS errors.

ii.Server Errors

When your server can’t able to load the page within time given by googlebot to load,It leads to server errors.

How to Fix?

    • There are different types of server errors,they are Timeout,Connection       Reset,Connection refused,Connection Failed,Connection Timeout,No response.
  • Refer Google search console helps to identify the specific error and fix then.

URL Errors

It affects the particular page of the website not an entire website.Many Website owners have been facing url errors in their pages for greater extend.

i.Soft 404

This happens when page displays 200(found) instead of 404(page not found).

How to FIx

    • Always use 404 or 410.check the server header response is 404 or 410 not 200.
    • Use 301 redirection.
    • Always redirect dead to pages to similar pages like it not to home pages.


It happens due to the non available pages in your site when googlebot tries to access it.It don’t affect the site rankings so you can ignore them.

How to Fix:

  • Check whether the url page is correct url not in another variation.
  • Ensure whether the page in draft mode or delete.

iii.Access denied

When Googlebot can’t able to crawl your page.

 How to Fix

  • Avoid the things that are blocking the access of google bots.
  • Ensure robots.txt is being not blocked.
  • Screaming frog tool can be used to scan your website.

iv.Not Followed

This happens when googlebot can’t able to follow the page url. This happen with flash,javascript and redirects.

 How to Fix

  • Screaming Frog is an best tool for scanning our site status.
  • User Agent Switcher a chrome add on can be used.

Hope you have understood the details that are explained above.I think it would be helpful for you lot.Are you searching for SEO company?don’t worry,contact the Digital Marketing in Chennai who provide the best services.I hope you have a great business.