Problems We Solve
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Problems We Solve

Problems that we Face in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and solving techniques


We may face many technical issues at the time of launching the website and also to reach the users. The problems involved here are

  1. Duplicate Content

The most top technical issue faced by the owners is the Duplicate content. Duplicate content is nothing but the “appreciably similar” content which can be easily identified by the user. The same website content will not be liked by the user so that the user will not come to your website.Therefore duplicate content should be avoided.

  1. Poor way of mobile experience

If the website shows poor characteristics on mobile and the tablets, i.e the page is clumsy or slowly loading the user will get irritate and will move on to the other website.To overcome this responsive design has to be designed by the experts so that it will attract the users and you will get more attention to the sites.

  1. Building the link in a shady way

Link building helps the business in gaining the web traffic for the website. But some website will make the link questionable. Spam link, unnatural link and the duplicate link are easily found out by the website owners so that they will easily block your address. In between the pages cross linking will help the crawlers to get into the site.

4.Poor navigation

When the visitors visit our site they cant able to navigate your site, because you may not produce correct information about the navigation part. This will irritate the users and they will leave from your site. This may reduce the rank for your website. Therefore we need to produce the correct information about the navigation for your website so that the users may get a clear idea about the website.

5.Not search friendly images


The design of the websites are taken into account by the users, which will be attractive. Beautiful images and fonts should be included in the website for the users to search in the website so that your website will get at higher rate.

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  1. Improper Redirects

When the websites moved to the different url, we have to produce those information for the users so that when they search for the site the old url should redirect to the new url. It will increase website ranking