Standard SEO Pricing | SEO Services in Chennai
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Standard SEO Pricing


What the Search Engine Optimization Prices Really do

Search Engine Optimization Prices

SEO India Rank is the digital marketing company offers multiple SEO services in chennai. Based upon the specific need of the clients we help them by providing exact services to them. Based upon the goals and levels of your project

You can select the seo products and services with multiple types of prices.          

Based upon the size and competition of the seo services we will offer the suitable fees for that. In our company offer the seo service prices, that are suitable with any size of clients.

SEO India Rank Include the following details :

  • Ranked 1 Unmatched team of the internet marketers in the organic search engine results by the google, is the independent and authority of the SEO pricing and SEO vendors
  • Provides the access of the competitive SEO pricing, Industry leading optimization processes and SEO Products
  • Provides the guaranteed SEO service by our SEO India Ranking

We believe transparency, for that we provide our pricing details in online. SEO pricing allows to accommodate the needs of small local business to a well known corporation.  Determining own website optimization cost is the whole range of the SEO price list with different objective and cost. In our organization we don’t change the SEO cost in the middle of the project execution. Once we decide the SEO service package at once that won’t change at any cost.

Some of the new companies started the digital marketing services with first projects. They are confused in SEO pricing. Like that new companies does not have SEO pricing standards. And here is the new trend of online seo service providers. But you don’t know exactly what they are really do.

But in our company we give detailed explanation of what is the stage you are exactly now and where you are after finished our seo services. We provides a good standard and fix the prices with affordable cost to you.

Different SEO Service Packages with their detailed functionality

The different SEO Service Packages details are fully explained here. These details are helps to you give a better idea to improve your business with affordable packages.

SEO Service Packages

Plan Lite Regular Plus Deluxe Super
No.of Keywords Up to 10 Keywords Up to 20 Keywords Up to 40 Keywords Up to 60 Keywords Up to 80 Keywords
Minimum Duration 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Cost Per Month 12,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 60,000
Review and Analysis
Analysis of Predictive Keywords tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this :  Analysis of Predictive Keyword is the method of analysing which are all the keywords Perfectly suit your business with our keyword analysis tool
Backlink Analysis  wrong  wrong  tick  tick  tick
About this : Backlink Analysis is the method of analyze the incoming link of a particular page to find the details of quality of link, link building strategy of your competitors to improve your site ranking in Search Engine
SEO Analysis  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Using the SEO Analysis can improve the Website ranking in Search engines. This do the process of evaluat duplicate content, structure the URL, Inbound links to Websites
Competitor Analysis  wrong  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Competitor Analysis is the method of analysing strength and weakness of potential competitor. This is used to identify opportunities and Threads
On Page Optimization
Canonicalization  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Canonicalization is the method of choosing the best URL when there are several choices of URL is there
Meta Tags Optimization 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages 60 Pages 80 Pages
About this : Meta tag optimization is the summary of the web page content which includes title, description, keywords and robot tags
Existing Content Optimization  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Existing content optimization is the method of optimizing the content which is already present in your Website
Title tag & Anchor optimization  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Title tag optimization is used to display snippets in SERP. Anchor tag can boost site ranking and provide targeted ranking
Header Tag Optimization  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Heading tag is essential to the users for know exactly what the content is. This comes with H1 to H6. H1 is the most important heading and H6 is the least important heading
Hyperlink and Image Optimization  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Image optimization provides the performance improvement of your website. Hyperlink optimization is adding a link on keywords in your website
Optimization of Robot.txt  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Robot.txt is a text file in webmaster this is create to instruct search engine to index and crawl the pages to their site
HTML Sitemap creation and analysis  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : HTML sitemap allows the visitors to easily navigate the user to our site. Site visitors can utilize the sitemap for the reason of to locate a topic when the user is unable to find that site using URL
Navigation analysis  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Navigation analysis is the method, this easy to find what the user is looking in your website. What are all the options user visit and stay how much time in each options.
Internal Link Structuring optimization  wrong  wrong  tick  tick  tick
About this : Internal Link is the hyperlinks that goes from one page to another page in the same domain
W3C Validation  wrong Only Home page 5 Internal pages with home page 10 Internal Pages with home page 15 Internal Pages with home page
About this : W3c allows internet user to check html and xhtml document. This ensures the quality of web pages.
Crawl Error Resolution  wrong  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Crawl error means google doesn’t successfully crawl the sites URL
URL Rewriting  wrong  wrong  tick  tick  tick
About this : URL rewriting is make your URL as seo friendly. Ie your URL must be straightforward, meaningful and emphasis.
Off Page Optimization
Article Writing & Submission 10 (1 articles * 10 sites) 20 (2 articles * 10 sites) 40 (4 articles * 10 sites) 60 (6 articles * 10 sites) 80 (8 articles * 10 sites)
About this : Article Submission is the potential way of providing useful information to customers to bring them as a buying decision.
Manual Search Engine Submission  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Manual search engine submission is the method of protect us from the extreme level of spam. After the submission of two to four weeks your web page is indexed
Directory Submission 100 150 200 250 300
About this : Web directory list web sites based upon some category and subdirectories. Directory submission is directory allow site owners to submit their sites. That are all view to the users
Classified Submission 10 15 20 25 30
About this : Classified submission is used to advertise or promote your business in the free classified sites. This can boost the sales level of your business.
Social Bookmarking submission 100 150 200 250 300
About this : Social Bookmarking is the method used to store, search, organize and manage the webpages in the internet. This is used to access from any computer with the help of online
Web 2.0 Profile creation 1 2 4 6 8
About this : Create the Profile in blogs, wikis and Social medias is the method of web 2.0 profile creation. This allows the users to interact and collaborate with each other. Generating backlink is the most important factor of this
Press Release writing and Submission  wrong 10 20 30 40
About this : Press release writing is the method of measure of your performance. This contain the information of company news alerts that are all present in social media to popular your business.
Manual Search Engine Submission  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
About this : Manual Search Engine Submission is the method this takes more time than the automated search engine submission. This is the method tells our site is good by SEO professionals Spam is generated by automated search engine
Blog Posting  wrong  wrong 2*200 words 3*300 words 4*500 words
About this : Blog posting is the method of write some useful information and attract the audience then keep the likes and commands from them. This is used to increase the popularity of your brand and get google rankings.
Blog Commenting  wrong 20 40 60 80
About this : Blog commenting is the very important method this is used to create the backlinks easily. Link Building makes well using the method of blog commenting.
Forum Posting  wrong  wrong 5 10
About this : Forum Submission is the method like as article submission. This method is nothing but conversation. Experts and others ask questions and reply the answers who have good knowledge.
Image promotion & submission  wrong  wrong 15(3 images * 5 sites) 25(5 images * 5 sites) 50(10 images * 5 sites)
About this :  Submit the attractive images with some useful details in the sites like, flickr and photobucket. This easily attract the customers and make you as more popular.
Video Marketing  wrong  wrong  wrong 10(2 videos * 5 sites) 20(2 videos * 10 sites)
About this : To boost the brand awareness and the your company website video marketing is the important one. Create the useful videos and that want to be published in youtube, social medias and etc.. This attract the users easily and you get more popular from this
Google local Map Product Listing  wrong  wrong  tick  tick  tick
SEO Reports
Keyword Ranking Report  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
Google Analytics Report  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
Monthly Accomplishment Report  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
Customer Report
Chat (Gtalk, Yahoo, skype, MSN)  wrong  wrong  tick  tick  tick
Email  tick  tick  tick  tick  tick
Telephone  wrong  wrong  wrong  tick  tick
SEO Package Buy Now
Minimum Duration 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Cost Per Month 12,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 60,000
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None of the Industry having the average SEO Prices. The SEO prices  is vary from a company to company. There is no company is having the fixed price. All the companies do the SEO services and claim the amount based upon their wish. There is no standard prices in SEO services. Each company give the different explanation.

All of them give the explanation of that they provide the difficult services and the cost provided by the customer is equal. Different companies provide different explanations and get more cost from the customers. These are all the reasons that the SEO pricing is differ from one company to another company.