Reason behind by switching over HTTPS
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Reason behind by switching over HTTPS from the previous one owned by the Big Industrials


In a report from the google,they had mentioned usage of HTTPS has been increasing constantly. But up to now many websites has not switched to HTTPS, though it has numerous advantages.In this blog I have mentioned the few reason to switch your websites to HTTPS. Before that i have mentioned brief introduction about HTTP and HTTPS. And better you may consider with the best seo support team for an inspired and most secured sites.

HTTP-HyperText Transfer Protocol is a protocol which leads to foundation of communication in the web and defines the data. The advantage of HTTP is in its speed and reliability.the disadvantage of https is data is in secured while transmission.

HTTPS-Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is a protocol where data is secures while being transmitted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. SSL certificate developed by Netscape has both public and private key to provide Encryption. Let us how HTTPS secures the websites.


HTTPS uses SSL/TLS to encrypt the data sent across the may have noticed that left corner of URL bar shows “Secure | https:” indicates that website is using HTTPS instead of HTTP and lock indicator displaying the message “the information is private when it is sent to this site”.see the picture below.If your web page is using sensitive information then you must use HTTPS.


let us consider a financial service company is operated by you.the users need to confirm that message or information they are being received is from yours and not by someone else.when you surf a website that uses HTTPS,the information is from that website you don’t need to worry about someone may send the message or view your message.

#Data Integrity

SSL/TSL protocol ensures the integrity of your data.It ensures that no intruders are tampering your site while it is been accessed by the user.It also protects the injection of malware.


On august 06 2014 google announced HTTPS as a ranking signal in their webmaster central blog. They said the security is their priority and they need their users data are well secured and to use best pages.they also that they are hoping to see more HTTPS websites. If you need to Boost your SEO then switch to HTTPS instead of HTTP.

#Greater level of customer trust and sales

In last decade HTTPS is used only on checkout pages of e commerce sites.But today data privacy have become a great people are hesitating to use HTTPs Website.

Using HTTPS makes trust on your sites among users that their information like password,credit card numbers are being protected.


We know that AMP(accelerated mobile pages) is growing techniques that helps your page to loads four time faster in mobile and also one of the SEO trends.If you need to make your web page AMP, HTTPS is prerequisite.

I hope you have understood the details i have mentioned here.And i also hope you will also Switch to HTTPS from HTTP.Are you looking for SEO Services? don’t worry. Contact the Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. They provide a best SEO Services. Have a great day.