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SEO Predictions You Need To Know For 2018 That Will Actually Make Your business Better

14 Jul SEO Predictions You Need To Know For 2018 That Will Actually Make Your business Better

Last year 2016 Reports had said companies had spend more than $65 billion for SEO services to market their products.It is estimated that it may cross $70 bilion in the preceding year 2018.It is interesting to note from one report that google change its algorithm over 500 times for a year.Whenever google updates its algorithm, SEO will change.this change may cause or negative impact on your site. However SEO is regarded as one of the key factor in digital marketing.The most difficult thing in the world for any person is predicting what will happen next. Our evolved and equipped Digital Services can bring over your valuable competitors.

In this blog I have listed few SEO prediction that will dominate in 2018. It’s just a prediction at all. Because who knows what will happen tomorrow.

# User Experience (UX) as a Ranking signal

From past and today, SEO has giving job opportunities for many It professionals and

It will continue in future too. Even though SEO has many technical elements of optimizing websites,content marketing, SEO workers need to how knowledge about user experience i.e how different types of people interacting with internet through SERP.

As SEO changes regularly, User experience(UX) plays a vital role in the growth of company SEO. The content in your website should be engaging without boring the user while reading,since Every sites give the helpful information.

Nearly 45% of marketers don’t track anything.while less than 30 people only track their sites with user experience by using analytics tools.Many tools like google analytics are free which can be used to track the user experience in our site and what users are expecting from our site.


Since the advent of android and its growth,people tend to use mobile phones in large had announced that requests from mobiles had been much larger than requests from desktop.Research from google had also reported that nearly 53% people tend to leave the sites within 3 or 4 seconds when it loads slowly.this caused the introduction of AMP(accelerated mobile pages) which loads 4 times faster than normal pages.Google also announce that the are making mobile index first prior to desktop index.So it is good to use AMP.

# Brand Name

Sometime you would have seen,when you are opening newly installed chrome browser and while typing youtube itself it shows the direct websites page.Through which you can go to youtube directly.Though google is losing its ad revenue it shows the brand name and its link directly for users to collect the data fastly and create a good user it is necessary to always use Brand name.

# Artificial Intelligence

Google has also confirmed its rank brain algorithm with artificial intelligence and with machine learning.this may cause AI will run Search results which  would eradicate black hat SEO techniques.So it is necessary to do your digital marketing in a organic way and  make content both helpful and engaging.


Hope you grabbed some valuable information here. And i think these predictions will be evolved for the upcoming periods. I hope you have understood that details I have furnished here.Have a great business.If you are searching for SEO? Just enter our expertise digital era with our Digital Marketing Company in India which provides extreme SEO Services.