Simple also valuable thing to be optimized to increase traffic
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Simple also valuable thing to be optimized to increase traffic by using Image Search

08 Jul Simple also valuable thing to be optimized to increase traffic by using Image Search

Hi all! Hope you are doing well. You may know that as we discussed so many times on increasing the traffic by implementing various strategies. Even most Digital Marketing Company in India follows the unique approaches to achieve the goal. Apart from that one of the important thing here we will discuss in detail.

Hope you are having the benefits and importance by implementing image alt tag. In fact Images are the untold impact which brings the traffic generation. Apart from the keywords, SEO and content which drives traffic to the website there are so many useful methods.

So leave something like blah blah techniques. Here we are going to discuss something fresh and also valuable.

Yes obviously content is like a heartbeat for any website or some other. Also you have to prioritize for Images too. In fact image can convey the message strongly rather than a text content. Because our visual power is stronger than understanding or listening.

When people searching for the written content they also supposed for visual content. Here only image searches play the vital role in generating the traffic. Will discuss in detail

Recent analysis seems that

  • 10% of google traffic will resides with Google images
  • 55% resides with the normal searches
  • 24.7% traffic will be behind mail content

Hope you understand the importance why i am furnishing here.

Okay be cool!


You might be addressed with when you are searching through the web you will also get image results too.

Thus it seems that Google Image search is an untapped node for a potential traffic

# Optimizing Images for Google

On before of getting traffic we have to concentrate with how to optimize. Actually optimizing images is like creating pages for a site.

First you have to edit your file name. This is small but huge part of SEO. It should be user-friendly name or search engine friendly which is something related to your content.

The second thing you have to check with Alt tags. Actually Alt tags are like an information to Google to tell search engine what you describing with the image


This will helps search engines index and rank your image as much better.

The third thing you have to consider on Compressing the images. Why I am explaining this in the sense if you are posting with the images space is an important thing. Because of minimizing the request time for a website.


As there are many tools which can be used for minimizing or compressing your images like Compressor, Tinypng, etc.,

# Keyword Research

Here is an important thing you have to consider while apply through Google searches for phrases what people thinking.

I think need not to explain by choosing the keywords i hope. But make sure that even two keywords also yield better results. That’s it So let’s jump to the next session or topic

# Watermarking for Images

Actually Watermarking is an essential part of any images either website content or blogging


Most of the people thought that it’s for copyright purposes.Yes maybe also there is the main thing even which can bring more traffic rather than the normal optimizing.


Hope you enjoyed here by reading this techniques or tips. Thank you very much for your kind attention.Let me know your thoughts and suggestions via comments and also your experiments. But I am damn sure that if you’re optimizing with this you can generate more and better results. And you should implement by optimizing with the SEO services nearby you. All the best to Have a great traffic.

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