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Our Working Strategy

We are one of the best digital marketing solution provider. We are providing the result oriented service in every areas of digital marketing with this we have achieved a decent number of clients over a short duration. We pride to have the ability to retain the clients with us by providing the satisfactory services. The above said are achieved with our efficient and planned work strategy.

Focused work strategy

The quick review of our work strategy will help the clients to know about our steps involved during the project and also about the way we are handling the projects.

Why Seo India Rank is the best SEO company in Chennai?

  • Easy communication: Irrespective of the media of communication with the client we promise you the immediate response via chat, email, phone and so on.
  • Identifying requirement: We are allocation individual experts for every individual clients to help you throughout the project. The first step is to collect the requirement from the client side the full notes about the project. This can be done via phone, email, chat, personal meet and so on, personal meet is most preferable.
  • Planning: After getting the details from the client side the expert will plan for every possibilities to modify the website and to bring it among the top 10 sites over the social networks along with the cost. Full authority is given to the client to edit the plan of their own. once get decided the process will get started.
  • Tools selection: Our expert will come will all the possible tools that can be used in your project along with the outcome and price. The client have the full authority to modify the tools.
  • Deadline and time intervals: A plan that contains the detailed time schedule over the project will be given to the client. If the project is long and contains multiple set of activities the information will be given to the client for each and every activity.
  • Experts allocation: Dedicated experts will be given to every clients and the authority to speak with the expert will be given. The opportunity to test the expert working ability will be given to the client before starting the project.
  • Reporting and monitoring: Once the project work gets started the client will start receiving the report from the experts for every activity.
  • Regular contact will be made between the experts and clients to maintain the report exchange properly. The client having the rights to ask the detailed report to the experts dedicated at any instant.