Protect your site from negative SEO
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Tips to protect your site from negative SEO which m recover from Malpractices

01 Jul Tips to protect your site from negative SEO which m recover from Malpractices

Protect Your Site From Negative SEO

Many have the question, Is  Negative SEO a  threat? Yes, Negative SEO is a big threat Which can damage a site.Before going to Negative SEO, let us see two SEO techniques. And when by hiring with the Digital Marketing Company in India will assists you towards the successive ROI.

A white hat technique which follows the search engine guidelines and provides good quality and  A black hat technique which don’t follow search engine guidelines in order to improve the rankings.

I hope now you may know Negative SEO is usage of black hat techniques.In this article I explain some of the best  tips that protect websites from Negative SEO.

1.Use Google Webmaster tools for Email alerts

Google is fighting hard to eradicate Negative SEO. It has provides many tools to protect the websites.One of them is google webmaster tools.Setup Google webmaster tools by signing in and entering your site’s url.It will give e-mail alerts when the following scenarios occurs.

  • When malware attacks your site
  • When google manually punish your site
  • When your site is not being indexed
  • When there is a server problem in your site

2.Secure your site

Security is the key factor to prevent your website from Negative SEO. Today’s world there are large number of hackers, malwares which destroys the website lots.

So it is necessary to secure the sites. Our SEO Company in India will makes the secure and prosperous actions within your websites.

If your website is being developed using wordpress then you can use google authenticator plugin which provides the best security. Create username and strong password.Each time you start log in process,message authenticated code is generated and send to mobile(Android and ios) through which you can log in.

  • Create backup files to use to when your is being hacked
  • Use antivirus malware if your provided uploading option

3.Avoid Duplicate Copies:

Content Marketing is one of the best approach used nowadays. Still few are copying the contents from others.So regularly check whether there is a duplicate copy for your sites.Use Copyscape is the famous tool to check the duplicate content. If the your page has  duplicate copy,try to change the old page with new pages.

4.Check your Website’s speed regularly

Speed in which your website is being loading is one of the key ranking factor.If your site loads slowly,customer will get bored and hesitate to visit again. so regularly check your website speed. If your website is loading slowly,It’s not thousand of users are requesting your sites and accessing.If you leave it freely your website will be become down. So try to contact hosting company or website developers and eliminate the problem. Pingdom is used to monitor the site’s speed.

5.Protect your Best backlinks

Backlinks are important factor to improve your rankings in search engine.It is essential to protect our best backlinks in order to increase and SEO rankings. There are two ways to protect our best backlinks. First always be in contact with webmaster through your domain.second use tools like to notify when any backlink is removed.

Hope you may understand with the concepts I have furnished above. So it will be beneficial for you  by implementing with the real time process. Are you waiting for a long to get ranking? It’s the time to join with our Digital Marketing company in India. And let me know your thoughts and suggestions via comments. Have a great business.