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TOP 5 SEO TRENDS IN 2017 in which you may wonder about your Business

21 Jun TOP 5 SEO TRENDS IN 2017 in which you may wonder about your Business

In Briefly, Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the web page by making the pages more traffic in a organic helps webpages to bring in top position in Search Engine Request Pages (SERP) like google, bing, yahoo.Simply it makes users easy way to visit web pages and converts them into customers. Here you may getting enlisted along with our SEO Company in India for global exposure.

In this Article, I have listed top seo Trends which brings more visitors to your webpages.


We all know today Everyone in the world even small kids  have a  mobiles and many of the us are surfing in the mobile it is necessary to adopt webpages into mobile first strategies and make your website much attractive to the mobile users.In May 2015 google had announce mobile search requests are greater than desktop search requests.

Google has taken a initiative called AMP(Accelerated mobile pages) to build a web pages mobile friendly  and created a standard to build web page for the mobile devices.AMP loads four times faster than normal web pages and it also use less data.On Feb 2016 amp launched in search results.Google has made its searches with mobile index first.

2.Featured Snippets and Voice Search

We all use google to find answers.In response to our questions or queries they show the requires answers along with some of the web pages,videos,images……etc.

          Feature snippet is also called as “rich answer” or “direct answer”  which shows the direct answer for given query.i.e it shows the information at the top of box in separate box along with its website link.Nowadays all the visitors are firstly accessing the featured snippets.Google also offers brand for the featured snippets

Schema markup or structured data markup that helps your pages to bring in featured snippets.

Today lot of people tends to use google voice search since voice search is fast and hands-free to use.In the decades voice search is the ongoing project in the IT industry and it also fastest growing search options.In recent survey,they found voice searches had grown exponentially.Voice searches have great potential to display featured snippets.

3.Quality Content

           Reading again and again same content flowing over  internet at different sites are bored.your content should be new and different.large content also causes hesitation to reader.content should be precise,informative  and easy to understand.

You can also use info-graphics (information+graphics).picture with information can be easily understood than thousands of can also use mind maps,pie charts,diagrams to display your content.

4.Machine Learning:

Google used a search algorithm called hummingbird. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have been changed little after the addition of hummingbird algorithm.

Hummingbirds and its Features gives more importance keyword with long tails which in turn gives more important to contents not just keywords.Google is using Artificial Intelligence which can change the algorithm it is important to understand the algorithm used by the search engines.

5.Bing Threat:

When we hear word SEO,SEM,we think about only google because all our searches in Mobile or Desktop happens through in google search engine.Recently bing has carved its way to emerge in search engines.So try to optimize your business in Bing.


Hope you may understand with the concepts here i furnished above. So it will be beneficial among by implementing with the real time process. And let me know your thoughts and suggestions via comments. Have a great business. Last but not least if you are looking for the best and customer interaction through your business can utilize through our SEO Company in India

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