Valuable Things To Know About Google Algorithm
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Valuable Things To Know About Google Algorithm Update Frequency Of Quality Updates, and Reversals

14 Jul Valuable Things To Know About Google Algorithm Update Frequency Of Quality Updates, and Reversals

There was a many updates in google algorithm within 6 months.In the starting of this year 2017 january we had found the updates in google ranking algorithm then on february 7, then on march 7,then on late april,then on early may.there was a update for every month since january.Within 10 day from its last update on may 7 google updates its algorithm on may 17 with core changes.  To get stay with the travel along successive path without any losses or changes can get back through our Digital Marketing Company in India.

Barry schwartz a blogger and reporter who first wrote about the google algorithm about in may 17 in his blog.he also mentioned that it was one of quality google updates.we have analysed the sites that had faced impact of both positive and negative during this updates.In this blog we have mentioned some interesting observations in google updates.

# Some Impacts

Some sites had been faced dropping in their ranking from 20 to 30%.

while some have faced positive impact.It was shocking to note that one site had faced negative impact upto 83% especially on the update of may 7.There is a significant impact once there is a update.

# Respect people who visits your for quality

Analysing successive drops,we came to know dropped sites have less quality instead they had focused largely on advertising,deceptive ads…etc. It’s no matter your site drops or gains,user experience of your site is at the best.users who visit your site regularly tend to visit your site for quality will visit regularly.

John muller from google had also told stop aggressive advertising instead focus on the improvement of user experience and enhance your content quality.some companies had benefited during this update who focussed extremely on the quality of content.

There was a feedback from users it is difficult to find the content in the sites and the pages are full of ads,popups..etc.Try to understand the concepts of quality reader guidelines and share the pdf to your company members and let them understand that google focusing on only quality.Many site have been using misleading title which irritates the users more tend to cause very poor experience with the site.

# Reversals

In earlier of this blog i have told that there is 83% loss for one company on may 7.After Experiencing the updates like this,they begun to study the concepts of google algorithm and then they changed their strategies and then they waited.During the update on may 17,they got returned all their traffic rankings.

It’s not just weeks to get recovered all your rankings from updates,It may take regularly tweak their algorithm to get the best results in their SERP. Reversals are depends only these tweaks.

# Aggressive monetization

It is interesting to note that some sites have gains largely during june 2016 update and they had faced heavy loss during february 7 update.The site might have done some aggressive advertising for monetization.

# Frequency of quality updates

Since the starting of 2017 google updated it’s algorithm frequently.Here are the updates they made in 2017

    • 5 January ,2017
    • 7 February ,2017
    • 7 March ,2017
    • 26 April , 2017
    • 4 May,2017
    • 17 May, 2017

Everyone is hoping that google may update its algorithm anytime. In depth content only pay your site. Try to focussing on content quality.

I hope you had understood the details I have explained here.are you searching SEO Services? then contact the Digital Marketing Company in India who provide best services which bring the better results towards you at the best costs. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions along with this article through comments.

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